21 June 2010

Carry It - Week Four Sew What Challenge

Around here, we like our "guys".  That means Dolly, Bunny, Teddy, Teddy and Teddy, and a long assortment of little plastic characters who go everywhere we go.

We can't seem to leave the house these days without toting some guys along, but my hands get full carrying one or seven of them all over town.
The Week Four Sew What Challenge will be a big help to me: 

Carry It.
1.  Use your chosen fabric and all the zippers/button/straps you need.
2.  Make any kind of carrying device... for your camera, your lunch, your shoes, your children - you name it!
3.  Once your project is complete, either email it to Melissa or I, or upload it to my Flickr showcase.  Once we have a few photos, we'll show them off on our blogs.  Melissa and I will post our finished projects this coming weekend.
4.  Be creative, and have fun!


Melissa said...

I finished mine today but my memory card crapped out on me! Hopefully, I'll remedy that this afternoon.

By the way, I loved the photos that you posted with this challenge. Such wonderful inspiration!

mamaTAVE said...

I've been wracking my brain for an idea since you posted this.... finally thought of one today. I just hope it looks as cute in real life as it does in my head! Stay tuned...