15 May 2010

Bloggy Bloggy Blah Blah

Some blah blah from me (without photos? Who'd have thunk?)

First: I'm the second-last person on earth (next to my grandma) to finally set up a Flickr group. Yup, if you've made something dorky, go here to the Sewing Dork Showcase and add it. Yeah!!

Second: Myself and Melissa of Until Wednesday Calls are having a craft off in the month of June and we'd like to invite you to play along. So far it's called Sew What? and it goes like this: each week there will be a theme and a list of materials you can use to create your item for that theme. We'll all have a week to sew/glue/whipstitch like crazy, then at the end of each week we can showcase our creativity (hence the Flickr group). If you like a challenge, it will be a lot of fun, and there will be an eco-friendly theme throughout the month.

Third: don't forget that Sew Mama Sew is hosting May Giveaway Day tomorrow, Monday May 17th. Visit their site to get a list of all the bloggers that are participating, then sit down at your keyboard with a serious cup of coffee and start entering to win.

That's enough blah blah from me. I have some very unappealing pants-hemming to go do. Really, people find out that you sew then they forever ask if you'd like to hem their pants. Oh yes, what an honor, not to mention a creative challenge for me. Yeah, I'm talkin' to you Mr. Dork.


Heather said...

Mr Dork must of been in touch with Hunky Hubby because yep I too am forced to hem away my creative juices on pants..........ICK!

Donna said...

Oh, So you have to hem things all the time too? I do love my friends, but I have to say that once people found out I could sew really well, it seems like I'm always hemming a dress or pants. Most people pay, but not all. :o)

Melissa said...

I married a man with a 28 inch inseam so needless to say, I'm in the hemming "industry" as well.