11 April 2010

The Poncho

While most of you are whipping up tank tops and shorts, we suffered more of this yesterday:
Little V is tired of winter and I'm tired of trying to stuff her unwilling arms into the sleeves of a warm coat. Thank goodness someone invented the poncho.

I lined this one with fleece and chenille, and most importantly to a little girl - it is covered in appealing ballerinas and pom poms.

Here's hoping that by next week I'll be whipping up little bikinis.


Andrea on Third Street said...

I love the ballerinas and the pom poms are killer! Very lucky girl.

Attilio said...

oh how so cuteeeee! i crochet a triple shaded pink poncho for my little one with pompoms. but i love your idea with the hood. how does it work out?
thanks becky

Holly Days Closet said...

I love this and it looks easy to make. I may make one for my grand daughter she does much like coats either.

douglass said...

Sorry about the snow :( I'm so glad that warmer weather has finally arrived in my part of the world!

Melissa said...

I love the hood on it!