14 April 2010

Handmade By Other Hands

(So Photoshop has red-eye reduction, what about runny nose reduction?)

I rarely buy Little V clothing because I make far too much of it myself. This hoodie was made by other hands - Sweet Kandee - and I am in *love*

Her shop is full of one-of-a-kinds. Her sewing is top notch, and I'm so thrilled with the style of this shirt that I had to show it off, even though my hands didn't make it.
No matter whose hands, I love handmade.


°°Marsh-Mellow°° by B@ said...

Is beautiful! and the color ... I love it!
But I must say that the model does his part! ;-) You're right .... I also love everything that is handmade .... no matter who they are hands that produce .... but is invaluable because it is made with passion and heart!

Kelle said...

Unrelated comment, but I need some sewing advice since I am a bit of a self-taught newbie. I need a way to reinforce the butt of my girls' tights. They are always stretching them out by pulling them up from the top instead of working them up like you are supposed to. Plus they sag and look like penguins most of the time anyway. I have seen your diaper covers and I just know there is an easy way to sew a diaper cover type thing onto the tights, but I am just not sure exactly how I should go about it. Help!

(I feel like I am writing to "Dear Abby" or something and should have started this comment off with "Dear Mrs. Dork.") :)

Melissa said...

That is a gorgeous piece. I want one for me!

Anonymous said...

Little V looks adorable in this top. Just the right colour to set off her eyes :)

inday_adin said...

I love the style of that cute top. Amazing piece!