18 March 2010

Simple Easter Egg Tree

I love the simplicity of this Egg Tree. The eggs are hollowed out and hung with thread, colored with "bleeding tissue paper". My eldest has done this craft each year since she was about three and it's still her favorite.
Frugal cost: a dozen eggs (and the bleeding tissue). Everything else you should have around the house:
1. Tree branches
2. Pot
3. Rocks
4. Thread and bits of wool (or polyester stuffing)
5. Hollowed out eggs and bleeding tissue. This is a specialty item that I bought here. It is overly dyed so that the color literally bleeds off it when wet. I have tried over the years to use all other kinds of tissue paper with no success. Apparently this stuff is unique. (I'm giving some away at the end of this post).
Using a thumbtack, prick a hole in each end of your egg. Blow the egg out the hole so each egg is hollow.
The rocks are to balance your branches in the pot.
Blurry photo ahead means take a *very* small piece of wool and wind a thread around it.

Using your thumbtack, push the wool into the hole in one end of the egg. The wool will expand once inside, allowing you to tie the other end of the thread and hang each egg from the branches.

Wet a small piece of tissue and rub over the egg. The color will bleed onto the egg and become permanent when dried. Layer several colors, or wrap your egg completely and let it sit a while for intense color.

Er, your fingers will be colored a while too.

Lay the eggs back in the carton to dry.

String them from the branches.

A few birds to supervise...

I know the bleeding tissue isn't easy to come by, so I have some to share with the first three people who ask below.


Mari said...

What a gorgeous tree...I just completed mine with sparkle eggs but would love to try this with my wee chook someday....errr umm don't suppose you'd mail to spain would ya?! No worries if not...I know what Canada post is like!

Lise said...

I've been looking all over for some of this tissue paper, which I used to have tons of in my classroom. Thanks for the chance!! Your eggs are gorgeous.

Dorothy said...

I have always wondered how those trees were made! Thanks for the insight!!! Maybe I can score some tissue at the same time.

bethany said...

I've never seen tissue paper like this. I would love some.

Sandi said...

If it's not too late, may I ask for a little of the tissue paper. I didn't know you could do this. Awesome. If I can find tissue like this, I will have to try this too.


mamaTAVE said...

Darn! Not fast enough. But, thank you still for the beautifully simple idea. LOVE it! I've always wanted to figure out the Ukranian dyed eggs.... maybe I'll do that and make a tree for them.

The Sewing Dork said...

Don't worry mamaTAVE, I'll send you some too if I can find your email addres.

Casey said...

We make something very similar every year as well using blown eggs, but the kids paint on the eggs instead of using tissue paper. I love the idea of tissue paper as well though. Beautiful little stone birds.

Melissa said...

These are so pretty. I guess I need ot finish up my egg how fast time flies, I cannot believe it is not long for Easter already!

Melissa said...

My Grandma always had blown out eggs around her house, but I've always been too afraid to try it. Perhaps my 3 year old and I will start a new tradition this year!

The Tischner Family said...

I have fond memories of hollowing out eggs when I was little....nothing beats mommy looking like she is trying to play the tuba on a teeny-tiny egg!

betty mello said...

Hi ! I'm from Brazil. I love these trees ! I have one like yours ,come and see :
I'll be happy if you visit also.

Attilio said...

cynthia that is so lovely and easy to do with my four year old. (prob 1yr old will want to try her hand too!!!) BUT we do not have this kind of tissue in malta. would be happy to have some, even pay for it or send you something else. or maybe you could tell me where from??(then again it will prob be for next easter with your post and ours hahaha)
thanks for all your kids projects which are so easy to do with children.

The Sewing Dork said...

Attilio, you didn't leave an email address for me to get in touch with you.

mamaTAVE said...

I wanted to tell you I've finally used the tissue paper to dye a scarf. I'm passing the love along by giving it away this week. Check it out:
Thanks again!