06 March 2010

Darling Doll Hammock

My second craft for Frugal Month here on my blog is this darling doll hammock:
I give all the credit to this incredible book of handmade natural toys, including instructions for making each toy:

Materials: a length of soft fabric, two sticks of dowling, yarn or rope to hang hammock. (I think a thin, gauzy summer curtain fabric would drape beautifully). Cost: about $4.00.

The fabric is folded over and stitched at each end and the dowling is threaded through. Be sure to make your fabric fairly gathered so the dolls have a place in the middle to "sag" (if they lay too flat, they'll just fall off, upsetting your already highly irritable toddler. Ouch.)

Of course an overload can upset the balance too...

(She cried because the rabbit landed on her. Seriously.)
I made this hammock with a view to taking it- and dolly- outside for some nurturing in the sunshine, and for camping trips. I imagined that the hammock would be simple to string between the bushes, fence posts, etc., but indoors I was a bit stumped. Then I bought little clear adhesive hooks.

I fastened them inside the interior of the play kitchen I built recently. Works wonders. Now Little V can cook, clean and mind the kiddies too.

("Ahh, finally a few moments to myself").


Casey said...

Oh I love this! Ally has 3 little dollies that are just her favorites and one little dolly bed. It would be perfect for them to have a little bed of their own, I'd have to adjust sizes for them but perfect idea. SOOO sweet. Once we move and have more space I plan on having Adam build a similar little kitchen for Ally...taking all your ideas because they're great.

mamaTAVE said...

I am totally doing this! I painted a tree in the corner of my daughter's room and I think this would look so cute "tied to the trunk" for her babies. I have the "Creative Play for your toddler" book, which has instructions for a doll swing. I think that would be fun to hang from a tree outside when the weather stays warm for the long haul.

Andrea on Third Street said...

What a great idea, I'm going to check out that book. Thanks!