03 March 2010

Bear With Me - Another Kind of Pants Post

I had fun mixing up some tshirts recently and made pyjama pants.

Pyjamas are a great way to explore a wild mix of colors, and since you get to choose your softest tshirts to refashion, you know your child will be comfy.

Coming soon: something other than pants.


Celeste said...

Those are super cute. I'll have to make my daughter some.

Melissa said...

I was just reading someone's blog post about pajama tops being a great way to play with colours and knit fabrics. Now you tell me the wonders of pants. If I ever get brave enought o tackle knits I will be swimming in a sea of jersey!

Resweater said...

Those are so fun! I especially like the orange & pink ones. Do you have those in a womens XL? ;)