22 March 2010

Arm/Legwarmer Giveaway

My blogger friend Anara is hosting a giveaway for these arm/legwarmers made by *me* here on her site able2able. She focuses on providing resources for parents and caregivers of special needs children, including preemies. Drop by her blog for some great information and your chance to win.


Resweater said...

Those are great! I used them on my son, when he was first potty training. It was winter, and he couldn't get his pants off in time, so he wore baby legwarmers, to keep his legs warm, and loose underwear. It worked great! He was also in a phase at the time, where he wanted to wear knit beanie hats at all times too, so he had some hilarious outfits going on :)

Casey said...

I'll definitely check her blog out. I have a disabled sister and my niece Coleigh was born in September at 24 weeks weighing only 1lb 8oz. Kudos to her and those legwarmers look awesome.