19 February 2010

It's Almost Done! Wood Play Kitchen

I love Mr. Dork when he builds me stuff. I peppered him with emails about these homemade play kitchens as well as this one until he came home with the goods. I need to finish the painting and sanding, but I wanted to show it off. Here is how we made ours:

1. A pine rectangle backed by plywood.

2. We used a jigsaw to cut a hole for the sink and drilled holes for the faucet. Wood stove burner circles are from Michael's craft store.
3. The white "oven" is an Aneboda nightstand from Ikea. We purposely built the pine box and slid this in so that it can be removed later for re-use as a nightstand. The bottom is a drawer which I think makes a perfect oven.

4. The little steel pots are also from Ikea. Glass stove "knobs" from Home Depot.

5. The sink is a stainless steel bowl just dropped in so that it can be removed for water play.

6. Some homemade linens.

7. Tea anyone? This set is from Plan Toys.

8. Mr. Dork enjoyed the tool time so much that he holed up in the garage and built a nook for the top last night.
When I first suggested the project, I thought it would be more economical than buying a wooden play kitchen. Then I thought, Hmmm, since it's going to be in the dining room where I have to look at it 500 times a day, I'd better not cheap out on materials, so no money saving happened afterall. Had it been destined for our basement, I'd have definitely used more recycled pieces.

Here is the cost breakdown in case it helps you plan your own kitchen:
- pine top, bottom and sides: $60.00
- Aneboda nightstand from Ikea: $29.99 (half price on sale)
- faucet: $20.00 at Home Depot. *It was an open box which had been marked down to $30. I explained what it was for and the manager sold it to me for less.
- Stainless steel sink bowl: $5.00 at hardware store
- Wooden stove burners: $2.49 each, Michael's craft store
- Glass stove knobs: $6.89 each, Home Depot
- Ikea children's pot set: $9.98
- tension rod (holding up pink curtain): $4.99, hardware store


Anonymous said...

OMG! I want to be 4 and live at your house! :)
That is amazingly fun! xo

Teri said...

This is so cute - what a great project!! :)

Posie Patchwork said...

That is divine, did you ask for a grown up version?? Wow, incredible work, bet your children keep that one as they grow up, compared to plastic toys!! Love Posie

Resweater said...

That is an awesome kitchen! Your daughter is so lucky to have you guys!

Two Mittens said...


Melissa said...

How wonderful! Way to go mama and papa dork! I am green with envy!

Karla said...

This is awesome and inspiring. I've been visiting your site for a week or so and a "blog follower" now!

The Cottage Mama said...

This is so incredibly adorable! Wonderful job!!

Btw, I just received the outgrown handmade clothes from you - thank you SO much!! I think my favorite is the super cute ruffle bottoms - I think ruffles are just adorable. Thank you, thank you!!


Jennifer Rizzo said...

cute cute cute!! My girls would love it!!

NestBliss said...

oh i love it! Great idea to reuse the table later and thanks for linking to my kitchen!

NestBliss said...

haha and oh yes I can identify with this not exactly being a 'money saving' endeavor - but it is fun!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I want to be four years old, too, and come over to play with Laurie Ann!

It turned out beautifully!

Casey said...

This is just the best little kitchen! My daughter has a little plastic one because it was the best we could find without having to spend 200 dollars on a wooden one. When we move I'd really like to find and/or build something bigger for her since she already has run out of room for all her little play foods. One of the best places to find play food is the dollar store, those pretend apples and oranges that people use for daughter LOVES those.

Glenn Family Gardens said...

Wow your site is sooo cool! I love when I find a new blog I love! That kitchen is so sweet. My husband and I want to try and make one as well for Christmas next year. Not so crafty as you though I am hoping to find some old cupboards that will work. We just started our blog so if you get a chance to stop by that would be so cool! Awesome job.

Remodelaholic said...

I am so loving these little kitchens, but I am not sure my 7 month old will care yet... But it is definitely on the to do list! (maybe her second birthday!)

I just found your blog while blog hopping I would love it if you checked out my blog.

Pacokeco said...

You did it! It looks so great!! The Ikea nightstand idea is brilliant - clever girl!

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