27 February 2010

How to Make Toddler Yoga Pants

My favorite kids pants are these green jersey yoga style pants from Speesees (which are inside out, not doing them all their due organic justice). Because they aren't constructed like most pants, they are wedgie free! Plus, their design allows for fun bum-embellishing, and what's cuter than a kid with a cute bum? And, you can recycle a ladies tshirt to make them! Use a pair of pants that you already have on hand and trace the outline as shown below, leaving extra room for seam allowances, extra room at the top to fold over for the elastic, and extra room at the bottom to hem. With this style of pant, you cut a u-shape between the legs. You will have two identical pieces: the front and the back.
See how a dinner plate almost fits over the bum area?
I traced the dinner plate onto a different tshirt and cut out a half circle.
Pinned it down over the back. Er, scroll down to the bottom to see why you might not want to pin it quite that low.

And stitched it in place to the back of the pants. Don't worry about trying to capture the edge as jersey does not unravel. You could have fun using different colors and criss-crossing your stitches. I did two rows of plain old white. (Going slow and steady would have avoided that little bump you see on the right. Sometimes I'm like a madman with needle an scissors.) I also tacked down the top. It's going to get folded into the waistband later.

Next, pin your front pants to back pants with the good sides together.
Stitch down the side seams. Ditto the inner legs. I did some reinforcement stitching at the crotch.

Make a casing at the waist for an elastic, and hem your pants if desired.
OMG she looks like she's wearing tighty-whities over her pink pants. I'll have to go back and tweak this design a little, and oh yeah - choose some darker colors! Still, I'm rating them kid-cute.


marcia said...

Absolutely adorable, a super idea and inspiration! Thank you for the tutorial

mamaTAVE said...

Oh. My. Gosh.
I feel like I've said this before, but... you're a genius! :-)

Mama Lusco said...

LOL! Great idea. The tighty-whitey look cracks me up :)

carmel said...

great tutorial

Yoga with Gaileee, E-RYT said...

Excellent post! I'm going to link to you on my yoga blog!

yogawithgaileee at gmail dot com

NestBliss said...

haha so funny I didn't anticipate when reading that the circle was going to fall that far down on her bum either - funny!

casserole said...

These are so cute!! And they look so comfy, too!!

I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


spinndiva said...

OMG those are sooooo cute!!!

Cathy said...

Genius, as usual!

Jack Loves Jill said...

so cute!
i'm gonna try this

Johanna said...

I like your style super!

Shannon said...

Stopped by from Wardrobe refashion. These are adorable! Great work and thanks for the tutorial!

juste venteux said...

Just wanted let you know I used this idea on a pair of pants for my son and i linked to you in my blog!

abba said...

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amber rae said...

JUST made these!! Too cute and super easy! Thanks.

aldrin james said...

It is cute indeed and very easy to do. I will try to make one for my baby and I am sure that she will looks so cute wearing that kind of yoga pants.

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