23 December 2009

Gifts Made and Received

It's gift giving and receiving time! Earlier this month, I participated in a Make-It-and-Mail-It exchange. These are what I sent:

And these are some of the goodies I received. This beautiful clutch came with a history of the coffee sack used to make it:

And this hand-buttoned garland, which must have taken hours to string, came with some other lovely button goodies:

Along the theme of homemade gifts, my one year old painted Daddy a picture for Christmas. I framed it and voila - something for our naked walls!

To quote one of my readers, at my age I have enough bling and fluff in my life and am happy to be giving and receiving these thoughtfully made gifts. Savour your holidays!


Phiphi said...

lovely pouches indeed...the embroidery is very cute..remind me of the fall season..:)