22 November 2009

Unfinished Projects Giveaway WINNER

All your unfinished project stories were great, and they made me feel not-so-alone with my own neglected craft pile. My plan sort of backfired: I wanted to choose several of you as the winner, however I felt bad adding more stuff to your piles (geez, sounds like I'm talking about a medical condition, doesn't it?)

I have chosen rabbitstylenews as the winner this time. Her stack of croutons on the mantlepiece cracked me up almost as much as her photo of goats standing on the kitchen table amidst her breakfast. I have another giveaway in the works for later this week - this next one is along a similar (though totally unrelated) theme: some assembly required.

BTW, one of you said, "Ha ha, your post was so funny, have you thought of writing a book?" Oh yeah, I've started writing several books over the years. They are ALL unfinished projects.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who is working on "the book of the year"
Great giveaway! Congrats to Rabbitstylenews!
Hope your door is fixed :) xx