28 November 2009

Make It and Mail It Exchange Update

Thanks to all the crafty bloggers who signed up for the Make It and Mail It Exchange. The December 1st deadline to get your handmades in the mail is only a few days away, so if you haven't contacted the blogger whose name appears below yours, please do.
I know several of you have already mailed off your packages. I'm so excited to receive mine!

Back in July, I played Pay It Forward in which I sent out five crafty packages and received one in exchange. The players agreed that they would mail their packages by the end of 2009. This bundle of knitted loveliness arrived at my house yesterday courtesy of Angela Pea. She doesn't know me, but she carried this knitting around to her children's extra-cirricular activities, thinking of me while she crafted. How sweet is that? I am so impressed by the generosity of all you bloggers.