04 November 2009

How to Crochet The Easiest Beanie Ever

Can you crochet a simple chain like this?

Then you can make this hat with one simple stitch and less than one skein of wool.

The basic idea behind a hat is crocheting in a circle, adding stitches to increase the diameter until you have the diameter you want, then continuing until you have length you desire. START: Chain 3 or 4 stitches. Instead of turning back and crocheting in the other direction like you would for a dishcloth or afghan, simply start crocheting in a circle. In between each stitch, I yarned over to increase the diameter.

Once the circle reaches the diameter of the top of your child's head, stop adding that extra stitch (the yarn over stitch). Keep crocheting until the hat reaches the length you want. That's it!

The little "flowers" I've sewn onto the side for decoration are simply small circles.

VARIATION: On my first couple of hats, I overestimated the diameter so the hat was too loose around the forehead. At that point, keep going: simply decrease your diameter by crocheting every second stitch instead of every stitch (or you could crochet two together). I did this for the bottom four rows on the hat pictured. It's a bit looser on top like a beret, then fits perfectly around the forehead. Took only 90 minutes of my time. I love the cost, the ease, and the thrill of making it with my own two hands!


Anonymous said... I get that part! Now how do I start to crochet a chain? LOL {smirk}
Someday I will pick it up! x

tea and cake said...

wow, thanks for this. It's so simple, isn't it? Right, now where's my hook, I have the yarn ... here goes.

Debie Swinson said...

What is 1 over. Is that a single stitch between each?

Gabby said...

I love this! But I don't understand the derections... Could you give a little more of the right idea of what to do after ch 3?