29 November 2009

Eco-Friendly Holiday Wrapping

Do you remember the days when everything was wrapped in paper at Christmas, and since there was no recycling, we just tossed it in the garbage Christmas morning? I have a sister-in-law who always hides the presents under her tree under one giant (but unattractive) blanket. I know I'd be peeking if I were at her house, so instead I'm relying on these little bags and clutches to hide my presents this year. To add to the mystery of what's inside, I've lined or quilted all my bags.

Have you seen this tutorial to make these matching quilted notecards?

Or how about this tutorial from clutterpunk to "thread sketch" on fabric? You sketch a rough design with a pencil, stitch over it, and turn it into something you like.

I happen to like linen bags with velvet ribbon.

And for the sewers amongst us, a pretty fabric makes nice flat "wrapping paper".

I also had a hankering for some non-traditional Christmas colors and buttons:

Are you going green this Christmas too?


Gina said...

Hey, I loved the bags, and then I scrolled down and saw the thread-sketching!!! You go girl - they look fabulous, I LOVE your tree, awesome work. Thanks for the link in too - I'm just so thrilled to see someone trying it out.

Anonymous said...

I'll be wrapping my friend's 8 Hanukkah gifts like I always have: magazine pages, gift wrap I carefully folded and saved from previous presents, paper bags, grocery store ads... It's more because I'm cheap and lazy than because I'm concerned about being green, though. Yours are great because they can be reused more than once.

La TempĂȘte said...

I have been making some similar to these as well :) Much prettier and greener. Yours are lovely!

Anonymous said...

Great bags! I have been doing the same thing for years! Kids love getting their gifts in personalized bags, and moms love that fewer toy parts get lost if they can be easily put away in a drawstring bag. Eco friendly and easy to use for little ones tidying up :)
I am very intrigued by the sketch stitch....gotta check it out! Thank you! xx

Holly said...


I'm am also going to do this for the holidays. I whipped up a few this weekend and appliqued cut outs from some (very stained) vintage linens. It was a fun way to upcycle the table cloths that were headed for the landfill and gave the new fabric the snappy vintage appeal I was looking for.

Two Mittens said...

These are lovely...I wish I was more ambitious/organized!

Resweater said...

Those are beautiful... I wouldn't want to give those away!
We use stacking/nesting boxes in our house. They look nice, we use them over & over, and they nest inside of one another to easily store until the next year. The first set of those I got have been used at least 8 times now, and have many more years left in them. I like those gift bags though, for giving gifts to friends & relatives. I'll have to make some this year... except mine won't be nearly as pretty as yours. I won't want to keep mine ;)