25 October 2009

What the Kids Want for Christmas

Your kids called. They want a stage in the basement for Christmas.

I got this idea in my head a couple of Christmases ago. I was 8.75 months pregnant and thought it would be a fabulous idea to bend over with power tools and build a stage. It paid off though; Tweenie loved it! We've moved since then, so a new stage is in the works.

An unfinished basement like ours is the perfect spot for this under $100 project.

The stage is simply a large sheet of plywood screwed onto a platform made of 2 x 4s. Paint it with somebody else's (cheap) oops color paint from the hardware store.
Let the kids go crazy stamping stars on the wall with a foam stamp. Ooh, and a mirror so one can admire themself whilst performing.

What store doesn't sell super inexpensive wall hooks for all those costumes you're going to gather at kids' consignment stores?

This blue velvety fabric with silver stars was in my fabric store's bargain bin at $3.00 a metre. Ikea sells a great curtain "rod" - not a rod, but a flexible steel line that reaches from wall to wall so the curtains can be thrown open by your children with great flair.

Don't forget the dance shoes... again castoffs of my own as well as great bargains at kids consignment shops.

A friend gave us a spotlight - how cool! and this balance board which she made from wood and a cut piece of PVC pipe.

I went over the $100 budget with the karaoke machine, but it was my best homemade Christmas present for Tweenager EVER. Even now that she goes to an Arts school with really impressive stages and equipment, she and her friends regularly migrate down to our scary basement to put on shows. Little sister likes it too. She can't say "please" but she can say "stage." Aww, a girl after my own heart.


Anonymous said...

What a great place to be creative! We are building a stage in our unfinished basement this winter. My sons drum set, guitars and my daughters keyboard will have a place to be permanently and I had planned to do bedsheets as curtains...but I love your magical fabric so I will keep looking! Great Job! Lucky Kids!

BJ_Mama said...

AWESOME!!! I want one too!!!

Eva said...

I love this idea. Now all I need is a basement!
Actually, last year we gave our girl puppets and the promise of a puppet stage curtain thingy in her bedroom. Sadly I haven't found any suitable fabric for the curtain yet. I guess I should get on that