28 October 2009

Sharing the Love - Reader Appreciation

I am always inspired by the nice comments people leave at the end of my posts. I have been lax about responding to people's comments via email, but a reader just showed me how to make the process of responding to your comments easier. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog AND to motivate me with your wisdom.

As a way to share the love with you frequent readers, I will contact one of you from time to time and ask your mailing address so I can send you something I've made. If you've left a comment, I've likely visited your blog and I can get an idea of what you might like. I also know that you crafty types spend a lot of your own time making things for other people at this time of year, so you deserve something. I'll keep doing giveaways as well; watch for one coming soon.

- S. Dork


Gina said...

Oh really, you're very sweet. And generous with your knowledge and findings. Bless you!

sjones said...

YOu really are sweet! I love your crafty/thriftiness!

BJ_Mama said...

O my goodness, you are too kind!

Resweater said...

That's so nice of you! Your blog is so fun to read :)

:o) mg said...

This is just one of the things I love about surrounding myself with crafty types: niceness
As in, you!
Oh, and by the way, did you know that you ALSO inspire so many of us? (hug)