22 October 2009

Recycled Baby Sleep Sack

Now that the nights get dark early, I have to photograph my tutorials indoors with electric light. I apologize that they are not as clear as my daytime photos.

Is your child a messy sleeper too? Mine cannot keep blankets on during the night which is unfortunate in our very cold climate and chilly old house. I bought some of these when Baby V was younger:

but they were overpriced and made only for fairly short babies. I have a toddler of Amazon height, which is one of the main reasons I sew for her.

Here's my tutorial for a $3.00 homemade sleep sack.

You need a fleece hoodie or jacket (mine cost $3.00 at a thrift shop). Get the jacket one size bigger than usual for comfort. You also need one fleece baby blanket (free if you have zillions around the house like I do).

1. First, the worry-wart in me cut off the hood. (Could it strangle her in her sleep?). Keep the hood, I have a great use for it at the end of this post.
You could then blanket-stitch the cut edge of the neckline to look pretty, but don't fret because fleece won't unravel.

2. Fold your blanket over so that it overlaps at the front. You want to fold it roughly the same size as the bottom hem of your hoodie. You are going to attach the two garments, leaving some overlap at the front of the blanket to close with velcro.

3. Find what will be the center back of the blanket and mark that spot. Line it up with the center back of the hoodie and stitch the two together. You will have more blanket than hoodie extending on both sides.

4. Zip your hoodie back up.

5. Position some velcro where the blanket part of the bag overlaps itself and sew into place. I opted for small velcro pieces as opposed to one long strip because the long strips can be bumpy which would be uncomfortable to sleep on.

6. Sew the bottom of the blanket closed. DONE! (I sewed the bottom of my blanket closed first and then had a problem lining up the seam and the velcro. Don't do what I did).

As an alternative, you could painstakingly pick out the hoodie's original zipper and replace the entire garment with one long zipper. I was too cheap to buy the six dollar zipper needed for mine.

Here's what I did with the hood: If you've used my tutorial for wool soaker pants, you'll remember cutting the arms off your felted sweater and being left with one felted sweater body. I find the body is usually child-sized and like to make tunics out of them to wear over turtlenecks. I added my fleece hood from above to this tunic whose arms were donated last year to make a lovely pair of wool soaker pants. I added some buttons and felt embellishments. How cute (and free) is that?!


Resweater said...

You are amazing!

Sally said...

I learn so many wonderful things when I pop by to visit you. Thank you!

Melissa said...

Absolutely brilliant, thanks for sharing!

casserole said...

This is so smart!! I love how your mind works!

I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


casserole said...

whoops - forgot to say that the link will go live at 11:30 pm CST

Nikki Cardigan said...

You are so incredibly clever. The sleep sack idea is awesome and using the hood on the felted top... wow!

Erin said...

Cyn - Baby V is pretty as a picture! I can't sew a button on to save my life, but I think this blog is so fun - Ilove to read it! Hope to see you and the girls soon.

Pandora31 said...

I don't need the other stuff you showed (kinda a bummer, it looks awesome!) but i love love LOVE the sweater and the hood combo. Might have to go buy sweater and hoodie combo to do it here! AWESOME!

Sarah Nicole said...

This is so genius! Those sleep sacks are so expensive and I have two Amazon children as well! I am a major perpetrator of seeing things in the store and saying "I could so make that for way cheaper" and then either forgetting about it or never getting around to it. But my sewing mind has trouble thinking of re-fashions, it wants to make everything from scratch! So thank you for this, I will definitely be making one!!

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