21 October 2009

Baby Has a New Red Dress

Baby has a new red dress

I recently bought two fabrics on Etsy called Chloe's Imagination by Tina Givens. Get a load of these:

I think they are so beautiful that I'm afraid to touch them with scissors. I have been hoarding this other red fabric for a little while and decided to make yet another Sandi Henderson dress with it.

I sacrificed some of the beige Tina Givens fabric to make a sash for the new dress.

She's discarded the sash and decided that the modelling session is over. Now where's my cookie?!


Anonymous said...

So sweet!~ I love it! I can't make dresses for my little girl as she is almost 10 and refuses to wear dresses :o(

My Little Cupcake said...

Super cute!!! I know what you mean about that "afraid to touch them with scissors" thing. I tend to stare at fabric for at least a couple of weeks before I use it.

Resweater said...

Gorgeous little dress! Your model is the cutest thing :)

Renae said...

Very darling dress!
I found your post via Heather at Cornerstone Farm. She is a big fan and I can see why. I love it when I can find others who are crazy about sewing--dork or not.

You can check out our blog (my sisters and me) at
We love sewing too!

beccy said...

I love those fabrics! And the dress is adorable :) I have the same problem with lovely fabric - it always sits in my stash until I can find the perfect project (that generally doesn't exist) or the guts to cut into it!

pamelab said...

Lovely dress! Beautiful fabric! Can you tell me which pattern you used, so that I can locate it?
Thanks Pam

The Sewing Dork said...

The pattern I used is Sandi Henderson's Portobello Pixie. You can buy it on Etsy or from Sandi's website (just google it).