19 September 2009

Elizabethan Collar

When you topple over a table and cut your baby face like this, a very distracting collar is called for.

I call it the Elizabethan Collar. It's a simple jersey ruffle on a simple jersey tunic.

I made plenty, so tune in tomorrow for a giveaway.


meredithp said...

Poor little thing. She's smilin' that she has that wonderful top! OUch! That must have hurt!

Care said...


I love the top!

Sally said...

Ouch! That eye looks terrible. Poor things - her, because it hurts, and you because your baby hurts (not sure who would be suffering more?!?!)
Great collar. Wonderful skirt too... love that fabric!

Clød said...

Ooooh, poor baby! My daughter actually just slipped and fell facefirst into a doorframe last weekend and needed stitches in her outfit like this one would have been a PERFECT distractor :-) Great dea (AND new pretty clothes always make little girls so happy, especially if they are handmade)...I have entered in your giveaway and am hoping to win the larger outfit to hide that blue-0stitched lip :-)

Hope your little one will have a speedy recovery!!!