14 September 2009

Creative Christmas Idea #2 - The Eco-Friendly Party Garland

This is not my original idea. I have seen these around on the internet and think they are a great gift for someone with kids who is sure to be throwing many future birthday parties. The idea is simple. Take some scraps of fabric and at least five yards of double fold bias tape:

Cut out a template from cardstock and cut about 40 triangles. (Yes, my template and my cut out are two different sizes. I'm making two separate garlands but needed some quick pics for this post).

Place two triangles with their good sides together and sew the two long sides of the triangles together leaving the top open. Turn right side out and press. Make about 20 of these.

Open up the bias tape and sew the triangles into the opening (this hides the unfinished top edge of the triangles). I spaced mine about 3" apart.

Leave about 10 inches of bias tape at the beginning and end of the garland so that it can be hung from curtain rods or furniture. I use thumbtacks to secure mine to the stippled ceiling. The holes are hidden nicely by the stipple. No more disposable paper streamers!


vmsb said...

I've seen many of these with words or greetings on them, but I like the simplicity of the ones you made - what a nice idea to use these for annual celebrations!