16 September 2009

Because Tweens Wear Clothing Too (But Don't Tell Anyone)

Hard to tell from the posts on my blog that I own a second child, isn't it? She's nearly 12. She is all secretive/shy/happy/grumpy/grumpy/happy/ doesn't want anyone to know she has parents. She will accompany me to the fabric store and voice her many opinions, but it's not often she wants to wear something I've made anymore. Back when Little V was a howl-until-all-hours-of-the-night kind of infant, my older daughter and I started a ritual of watching American Idol each week. Since it comes on late at night, we put on our p.j.'s before tuning in. When I saw these Michael Miller guitar fabrics, I sewed her some offical American-Idol-Watching-Pyjamas. Something she'll actually wear!