12 August 2009

How to Make Fat Quarter Skirts

If you aren't familiar with fat quarters, they are fabrics cut in quarter yards. At quilt shops and on Etsy, I often buy fat quarter bundles. That means someone else has grouped coordinating fabrics together for me:

You'll need at least three coordinating quarter yard cuts to make a skirt in size 2T - 6. Past size 6, you'll need more yardage.

Step 1: Choose which fabric you want to use for your bottom hem. Cut that fabric in half and sew it together so that you have one long piece. Now cut the fabric so it is 8.5 inches tall (this will give you a 4 inch hem when finished.)

Step 2: Fold that fabric in half (right sides out) and iron. Serge or zigzag raw edge. This is your hem. Set it aside.

Step 3: The remaining quarters will be used to make the skirt panels. You can use as many fat quarters as you like for the alternating panels (minimum two). I used three different fabrics. Using these fabrics, cut eight strips that are each 5 inches wide. 8 x 5 = 40. Lay them out in an alternating pattern. You will be making a panel of these fabrics that is 40 inches wide.

Step 4: Sew your panels together and press.

Step 5: With your hem folded in half, stitch the raw edge (not the folded one) to the bottom edge of your skirt panel. Press down and topstitch. You should now have one long panel with the hem sewn on. Trim the edges of your hem so that it is the same width as the panel.

Step 6: Fold the whole panel in half sideways and sew up the side seam. You will now have a tube. Determine your desired skirt length and add 1.5 inches (for the elastic casing). If you want your skirt to be 15 inches long when finished, your desired measurement should be 16.5. Trim the top of the skirt to get your desired length. Finish the raw edge, fold over 1.5 inches and make a casing for the elastic. Thread your elastic through. It is always a good idea to stitch your elastic into place in an inconspicuous area so that it cannot twist over time.