09 August 2009

How To Get Your Toddler to Be a Cooperative Fashion Model

I must admit I suffer just a little jealousy when I peruse other blogs and see these serene photos of the under-two year old set. I was all excited when I sewed this butterfly blouse and tried to reason with my toddler about getting some nice photos to post on my blog. Instead, she taught me that:

1) she will only pose in the ugliest possible spot of the yard where all the debris from our under-construction garage is piled; or

2) that she is happy to oblige me as long as she can empty the contents of the birdbath upon herself. You wouldn't believe how many photos (all different outfits) I have of her doing this.

I spared you the photo where she's soaking wet. If anyone has any toddler modelling coercion tips that don't involve tranquilizers, I'd love to hear them!


Ashley said... TOO! Check out my toddlers modeling shot today....from the back!

Sam, Adrianna, Zoe, and Penny said...

cute shirt! The only thing I've found that *sometimes* works is hyping up the fact that she'll get to see a picture of herself on the back of the camera. May take a few practices, but my 2 yr old loves the instant gratification of seeing herself in a pic that was taken 3 seconds ago. I also tell her it doesn't work if she doesn't smile....lying is ok, right?

technique #2: and this one only works like once, so save it for christmas portraits - I take a picture of her doing a few random things, simon-says-style, and the last one I take I tell her to smile. Like I said, doesn't work over and over again, and you'll get about 7 pictures first of her with her eyes closed, hands on head, jumping, etc. But worth a try.

Zach and Beth said...

I hope you get some good responses. I have two toddlers myself and can't seem to get any good shots, especially of them together.

Pacokeco said...

I see nothing wrong with the two photos you took! I would also have LOVED to see the one of her drenched!
Use props, work fast and don't stop snapping - I use the rational of sheer numbers - out of a hundred shots, there ought to be one decent one, right?

Lisa said...

I just came over from Wardrobee Refashion and had to read the comments to see if there were any tips here. I find that the inattentive toddler pics are still better than the "look at my fake smile" four year old pics.

Christine said...

Give her a prop that makes her really happy. A doll, bubbles, a pinwheel, flowers, you get the idea. Then the smiles come naturally. It doesn't always work, but that's the best tip I've got. You're welcome to borrow ideas from my blog at

lorchick @ ON{thelaundry}LINE said...

i know this is super old and way past but I find a snack like a sucker or something helps. Especially if you leave the wrapper and and they're focusing on trying to get it off instead of running around! lol.

Melissa at said...

I bribe my kids with candy to take pictures. My daughter will model - she says "waddle" - for candy very well.
Also, I do show them the picture on the screen on my camera.