19 August 2009

Goodies in the Mail

My best friend from my university days is an amazing artist. We live at opposite ends of the country now but we've been penpals for years, keeping the dying art of fancy lettermail alive. A couple of times a month, she sends me surprise packages with fabulous business cards and other paper goodies. Look what arrived today:

Next time you receive something in the mail from me, one of these little beauties will be hanging on it.

(not her real) name is Pacokeco and you can check out her Etsy store . She does custom orders, and while the position of best friend is already taken (*me*), she just might put you on her mailing list too.

And here's another idea for getting some goodies in the mail:
Blogger My Mama Made It is having a sewing goodie exchange where you'll be partnered with someone to give and receive a package of sewing related stuff. Click the button to sign up.
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Anonymous said...

How Neat! I love the little owl. My best friend from 6th grade and I still exchange real letters regularly - we've been at it for thirty four years now!

Pacokeco said...

Now I wish I had a blog so I could talk about your amazing letters and packages to me! They are the highlight of my day (week, even) and I'm always astounded by your talent and wit and grateful for your friendship. ♥BBF♥