16 August 2009

Fall Is In the Air



Mid-August has felt like fall around here lately. I purchased Simplicity 2679 and used elements to make this dress. The pattern has a number of 1970's inspired features, but it is from Simplicity's "Project Runway" series which should really be called Choose Your Own Ending. I found the pattern very hard to follow. If you want this collar, skip to section G... if you want these cuffs, go to back three steps, do not pass Go, do not collect two hundred dollars. Anyway, I'm pleased with the Little House on the Prairie vibe, and finally Little V has something to wear that isn't blue and green.

I've a great ladies' skirt refashion to post later today if my hubby's in a photographing mood.


Becky said...

Little V and her new dress are adorable!!

Thanks for the heads up on the way the Project Runway pattern (doesn't) works (so easily.) My daughter has one picked out for me to make. It's cute but I sort of dread it.

Pandora31 said...

Those patterns drive me crazy too! i HATE buying fabric when i buy the pattern. I need to go home and add up all the different parts. Really, do the sleeves and the collar need to be separate from the rest of the pattern?