19 August 2009

Color Makes Me Happy

Color makes me happy, and so does this new obsession: I-Dye.

Where else can you find a shirt that is an exact match for your eyes?

I said I was going to refrain from making blue and green clothes for a while, but then this skirt mysteriously formed itself in my sewing room. I ordered some plain white shirts on the Dharma Trading Company website and hand-dyed them. I am thrilled with the result.

I think my favorite thing about the outfit is that it's not the typical fuschia/brown combo that stores so heavily promote. And did I mention the shirt is a bamboo blend and cost under $4.00? As for the dyes, each color is $2.99 and you can simply add them to the hot water cycle of your washing machine and be done (or dye them on the stove top like I did so that you can control the shade). I am anxiously awaiting another order from Dharma with more dyes, so watch for another colorful post soon.