24 July 2009

Welcome Waldorf Doll

I've always wanted to make Baby V her own doll, or a Mommy Doll and Little V Doll to be exact. Figuring that Little V should be my best effort, I honed my skills by making Mommy Doll first. This is me:
Sadly, my hair often looks just like that.

The premise of Waldorf dolls is simplicity, simplicity, simplicity. Neutral expressions are a hallmark of the doll as they allow for unlimited play. When I completed the doll, the first thing she said to me was "For the love of God woman, get me dressed!", so I took her shopping at the fabric store. I talked my eleven year old into coming which is why our Waldorf doll now has a Day of the Dead Dress:

Remember a few posts ago I had sewed Little V a blouse with this owl fabric? Okay, how fun would it be to own a doll AND a wardrobe that matches your own?! Every time I make Little V an outfit now, I plan to buy extra fabric and make something for the dolls too. Since the child doll is still a mound of untouched jersey knit and stuffing, Mommy doll got the first matchy outfit:

If I ever return to work at the law firm, I will definitely be wearing a dress just like this one:

I got the instructions for making the doll from a book at the library. It estimated the time to sew the doll's body, head and hair to take about 10 hours. I made mine in 3 hours which is probably why her feet are two distinctly different sizes and her hands are like giant permanent oven mitts... but she was made with love. That sweet eleven year old of mine with the penchant for Cinco de Mayo fabric made the doll's eyes and hooker-red lipstick, and also cut out a felt heart, kissed it, and sewed it up inside the doll's body. *sigh* What a beautiful life! Every day I think how lucky I truly am.


vmsb said...

This is adorable & I love the owl dress - I would absolutely wear that to my office!! : ) I love the idea of matchy-matchy outfits for me & "Baby" - I do think it's weird when people try to get the dads involved (like the Hanna Andersen xmas pics - just let Dad be...). I think the hands look great & you are being too hard on yourself...

Becky said...

So smart! And adorable!!

My Baby, who is now 21, still tells folks about the matching dresses and outfits that I made for her and her American Girl doll.

Pacokeco said...

The thing about your blog is that you make me immediately want to try these projects myself. My stamina, however, peters out before I've even plugged in my Singer. And where are you finding an extra six hours a day?
Haha... yes, I agree, vmsb! Leave dad out of the matchy poo scene. Plus, guys can't pull off the owl patterened stuff with any hint of finesse.

Trudy Callan said...

How fun! Now I want to make a doll with a matching wardrobe.

Vindiciti said...

She's adorable, and the wardrobe is just too much.

Casey said...

I wanted to make my daughter a waldorf inspired doll for Christmas, but go to overwhelmed. I have a head...but no body or hair. There's always this Christmas. :) Love the matching outfits. Ally's favorite doll is less than neutral, it's a fisher price Little Mommy doll she got for Christmas a few years back. She was terrified of it and then this January discovered her as I was about to send her off to Goodwill and snatched her up never to be left alone again. She was also promptly named Elephant.