15 July 2009

Some Lovely Sewing

I watched a movie set in the 1950's a couple of nights ago. Life seemed so simplified and everyone looked elegantly dressed. Suddenly I got this idea that if I dressed myself and my family like Betty Crocker, our cluttered lives would magically be transformed into some blissful movie fantasy. So I sewed this:

I couldn't find a sewing pattern for a cross over top, so I just winged it. Notice how I cheated on the buttonholes (there aren't any).

Next I made a pair of chocolate silk gauchos.

Last, I sewed myself an apron that would make Lucy Arnez proud. It's dripping in ricrac. I wore it to breakfast this morning and my husband asked if I had a costume party to go to. *sigh* Here's a glimpse:


vmsb said...

These are adorable!!

Lisa said...

Getting to make shirts like this is the only reason I regret only having boy children. SO cute!

Mrs. M said...

I too wish for the bliss of the 50's and your husband cracks me up! I think mine would react the same way!