23 July 2009

How to Make Kid's Clothes from T-Shirts - The Possibilities Are Endless

Five of my t-shirts were headed for the Goodwill bin until I signed up for Wardrobe Refashion. It inspired me to put the shirts to good use here at home for my one year old.

I made this:

There is a great tutorial for making jersey flowers out of your scraps at Happy Together.

And these:

There is a tutorial for making the ruffled bloomers here on my website. You can skip the steps about finishing the raw edges because jersey doesn't unravel. Which is why it works great for this:

Again, Happy Together has a tutorial for making the gathered tuxedo ruffles, so I won't go into detail.

I can't take credit for these brilliant upcycled legwarmers which are made of bits of jersey shirts. I bought them from SweetKandee on Etsy. I was so excited when they arrived in the mail that I had to refashion a toddler-sized halter dress to go with them:

The dress is kind of shapeless on the clothesline, but super-cute on the babe. And here in Canada it's quite possible that you'll need legwarmers with your halter dress.

Here's another one that looks wonky hanging there, but I adore it on her!

Can you sense my love affair with smocking? It's the simplest thing in the world to do to a light fabric. You simply buy some of this:

and hand wind it around your regular bobbin (don't stretch it as you wind). When you sew on your machine, here is what happens:

To make any top or dress for your child, turn your old t-shirt inside out and lie it flat. Start at the edge of the sleeve and cut a couple of inches off all the way down to the hem:

Sew the sides back up so you are working with smaller t-shirt. From here anything goes! I use smocking often to make necklines and armholes smaller, or you could sew a casing and insert an elastic (think peasant blouse style). Smocking also gathers up the chest nicely to make an adult t-shirt baby sized. Another option is to cut off what would be the skirt portion of the dress and gather the skirt. Cut down the bodice of the shirt until it's small enough for your child then reattach the gathered skirt. That's what I've done in this photo:

Or this beach cover up was simply my pumpkin colored t-shirt cut down into an a-line shape. I added a contrast hem and elastic casing at the neck:

Babes doesn't look too happy about it, but I'm smitten.


Pacokeco said...

OHMYGOSH! I need to follow your blog on a daily basis! You have been busy and I am, once again, bowled over by your talents. That tuxedo tank is 2DIE4! That denim shirt is brilliant! I just had a cursory look at the photos, but now I will read everything carefully and follow all your thoughtful links :)

vmsb said...

These are fabulous!! Thanks for sharing all of your ideas and talents.

Anonymous said...

just found the thread yesterday!!! im super excited to try it out! just waiting for someone to take the baby so i can!!!

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