19 June 2009

Confession #1 - Why We Make Things

Growing up in the 70's, daily living seemed a lot less stressful to me (probably because my only concern was what was for snack at kindergarten.) My mom tells me that today's easy credit didn't exist so if you couldn't pay cash, make it or grow it, you didn't have it. As I got older, I often felt overwhelmed by the crushing media messages on busses, on t.v., in magazines BuY This, Look LIke This, Wear This, Diet This, Own THis OR ELSE! I'm sure I am looking back with rose colored glasses, but my memories of the ladies in the family making their own dresses seem comforting. Social time included real face to face conversations with neighbours and scads of children. Climbing fences, the click of knitting needles, the sight of a Singer in everyone's spare bedroom, growing food in the garden, seeing what you could make out of leftover scraps... these were real things we did with our own hands. Years ago I threw out my t.v. Ever since, I've spent more 70's time. I can't ignore the fact that the world is rapidly changing around my family, but I seek out other people who spend their social time doing social things. Isn't this why we make things? To feel connected to the earth, providing for ourselves in an instrinsic way so we don't float off in this modern, isolated world. This blog is to help me connect with other grounded, make-it type of people. This is my confession.


Erin said...

Cynthia - you are a wonderful friend and an even better Mom - I hope the blog is a resounding success and that the world will soon be privy to your funny stories, recollections, and musings. You never fail to make smile. xx

Tina said...

I wish I could throw out my t.v... And I am working on building up a support system of like minded makers and do-with-outers. It is really hard, but I am happy with this new way of life for me and my family.