22 July 2014

Nailed It

When you read someone else's blog, you can get the unworldly sense that everything they craft turns out perfect.

These craft fails have been circulating in the news and Pinterest lately.  I can totally commiserate!  These nice honest folks have made me feel sooooooo much better about myself.



11 July 2014

Past Its Expiry Date

Do you ever hoard something in your sewing room so long that your kids reject it when you finally churn out the finished product?

The offender in question in this Little Red Riding Hood applique I bought about 10,000 years ago to make something for V.  Now that I've finally made something, she wants nothing to do with it.

Apparently yellow and blech-yellow aren't her favorite anymore either. 

02 July 2014

Sewing for Myself

There have been *cough* many a fashion disaster when I've tried to sew myself something! 
This one turned out alright.

I made the top from a thick rayon type remnant (100% unknown fibers no doubt)

The band at the bottom helps the fabric sit flat against my hips and I was able to tailor the neckline so that I don't flash everyone at the office when I bend forward.

Sewing with knits and slinky fabrics used to scare me, but I'm trying a little harder to befriend them because they drape nicely whereas cotton just billows.

23 June 2014

How To Make Butter

All you need is whipping cream and a mason jar.

Fill the jar less than half full (you need some sloshing around room)

At first you will make whipped cream.
It's soundless as you shake.
Keep shaking (maybe 7 minutes in total - kids are GREAT for this). 
You will know you are done when the jar starts making sloshing sounds.  A lump of butter will have separated from the milk. 
Pour off the liquid and save it.  That's buttermilk.
Squeeze the butter with a spoon (or cheesecloth) to get all the liquid out.
Rinse your hunk of butter with plain water and press it once more.  No salt, no color, no preservatives (so keep it in the fridge, not on the counter).


19 June 2014

Hanging In There

We're still hanging around.  June is our rainy month and I'm waiting for the torrential downpour to end so I can take some nice outdoor photos.  See you with a new post soon.

10 June 2014

Sewing Gymnastic Leotards

We sewing nerds get excited when we can make something for cheap.

Turns out these $40-ish leotards can be made for under ten bucks.
 The fabric is pricey so I was apprehensive about screwing it up. 
I bought a PDF pattern on Etsy at Tumblentwirl. 
After I got comfortable with it, I modified the original pattern which was made from one piece of fabric.  It's easy to cut and piece lycra - no finishing of the edges required.

Leotards generally run small so this allowed me a custom fit for a longer torso.

V approves of the colors.

Lycra is sewn using a zigzag stitch rather than a straight stitch.

I got kind of excited by my success and stocked up on some more fabric, because a six year old can never have enough leotards, right?

01 June 2014

Mend and Make Do Dress

A simple way to make over last year's too-short dress

Sew on a circular hem of favorite scrap cottons to add length to the skirt.

V was reluctant to part with this favorite when she grew taller

I'm sure the twirl factor had something to do with it.